Thanks for sharing these thoughts. And I wholeheartedly love your suggestion for Apple’s cash pile. A few weeks back I wrote a Medium article suggesting they use the cash to fund the largest ever trial of the basic income, but I like your idea more. I grew up in a small town in the UK. My father came to the UK with very little, and going to a good university changed my life. Today, somewhere around 80% of the senior people I work alongside or interact with went to private schools. That’s against about 7% of the total UK pupil population who attend those schools. Anyone working today and with their eyes open can see that we’re building societies in which talent and hard work are becoming less and less important. We’re building societies in which most of the people who get to succeed are the ones who were handed a winning ticket at birth and didn’t screw it up. It’s such a vast waste of human potential. And, as you say, we have the money to fix it. Just not the political will at the moment. If Apple are really still able to Think Different, they should listen to your idea.

Founder at New World Same Humans | World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Consumption

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