We’re living far longer. And we’re yet to process the implications.

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A powerful emerging trend is set to reshape the rules of business and media. It might even change your life.

Life inside augmented modernity. Regulators vs Big Tech. Should we act to reverse economic growth?

Illustration by Nikki Ritmeijer

Life inside augmented modernity

Online, we swim in an ocean of media. Most of it is forgettable. But occasionally you see something new and the world seems forever a little altered. One such moment came last week, via a video that had everyone talking.

Vaporflys, fairness and the liberal elite. Ethics 101. Iowa and the cult of innovation.

Illustration by Nikki Ritmeijer

Vaporflys, Fairness and the Liberal Elite

The Tokyo Olympics is less than six months away. …

Notes on an epidemic. In search of the Zeroth Law. What Goop Lab tells us about modern life.

Illustration by Nikki Ritmeijer

Notes on an Epidemic

At the time of writing there are over 14,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, and 304 confirmed deaths. It’s thought that 2019-nCoV jumped from animals to humans in a seafood market in Wuhan; human infection has now been reported in at least 16 other countries, including Japan, Australia, Canada and Germany.

Status and shame at Davos. The truth about trust. Facial recognition and human nature.

Illustration by Nikki Ritmeijer

In the 21st-century, transparency is remaking the relationship between people and powerful organizations.

Brexit and other populist shocks are a sign that our conception of equality is broken. We need to remake it.

Should we turn to civil disobedience to avert looming ecological disaster?

Extinction Rebellion on the streets of London. Credit: Shutterstock.

Some claim algorithms will soon know us better than we know ourselves. But the truth about being human is not so simple.

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David Mattin

Founder at New World Same Humans | World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Consumption

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